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    The Journey: A Diary  

"Where do we go?  Nobody knows...       
Don't ever say you're on your way down... when       
God gave you style and gave you grace       
And put a smile upon your face."       
— Chris Martin / Coldplay   God Put A Smile Upon Your Face       

I have rearranged the journal entries to be more reader-friendly; splitting the entries into groupings by yearly quarter. They continue to be organized in reverse-chronological order so the newest entry for any given period is always at the top. If you're reading this for the first time, go to the bottom of the first grouping in 1999, and read the entries in reverse order.

Note — I began the journal here in July of 1999, but I began the diet in February of 1999.

3rd Quarter 1999 4th Quarter 1999 1st Quarter 2000 2nd Quarter 2000 3rd Quarter 2000
4th Quarter 2000 1st Quarter 2001 2nd Quarter 2001 3rd Quarter 2001 4th Quarter 2001
1st Quarter 2002 2nd Quarter 2002 3rd Quarter 2002 4th Quarter 2002 1st Quarter 2003
2nd Quarter 2003 3rd Quarter 2003 4th Quarter 2003 1st Quarter 2004