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Product Submission FAQ        
Want to Submit a Product for Review?

Nearly five years ago, Low Carb Luxury began reviewing products that we found to be of exceptional quality, taste, and value for the low carb consumer. Over time, the review panel became a 22-person team that meets regularly and puts products through their paces to see if they meet the criteria to make our Product Spotlight.

Our reviews are the second-most popular part of our site and are read by more than one million visitors each day. As a vendor, you want your product(s) here. An item in our Product Spotlight often receives a huge boost in both sales, consumer, and industry awareness.

Our reviews are our recommendations only. There are many products we try out that don't make the spotlight. We don't "pan" any product — if the group does not review favorably, the review does not appear.

In order to help you as a representative of the supply side of the growing low carb industry to understand how you can participate in our Review Process, we've created the following Frequently Asked Questions list.

What kind of products can be sent?

Usually food products, and/or cooking ingredients, but anything that can be of interest to the low carb consumer is considered for review.

Is there any cost involved in getting our product into your evaluation schedule?

No, there is no fee for submitting products. Your only cost is in sending the products themselves.

Who can send products?

Products can be sent by merchants selling them (such as stores that carry multiple lines), manufacturers who make the product themselves, vendors who sell the product (even if it's private-labeled), or distributors who are authorized to represent the product.

Is there any guarantee that my product will be featured in your Product Spotlight?

No, we cannot guarantee any item will make the spotlight. We promise to give it a fair evaluation, and again, we don't "pan" products, so there's no real risk in sending products.

Where should the product be sent?

If the product is NOT perishable, please ship it to:

      Low Carb Luxury, Inc.
      1388 Berkshire Drive
      Xenia, OH  45385

If the product needs immediate refrigeration or freezing, please email us for the shipping address to use.

Do we need to contact you before sending products?

We strongly recommend you contact us first. If it's a perishable item, we'll need a heads-up on shipping/arrival dates so that someone can arrange to be here to receive the shipment. Even if it's not perishable, contacting us first allows us to coordinate like-products for review at the same time, allows us to schedule more efficiently, and prevents two merchants from sending the same product.

What method should we use for shipping product?

We are very flexible here... we can receive product shipments sent by UPS, U.S. Mail, FedEx, or any other commercial shipping company. If you have a special shipping need or question, please write us.

How much product should we ship for your review team?

This can be a tough question because it can vary by type of product. Keep in mind that there are 22 people in the review process, and we do our own photography of your product. Items that will be used as ingredients in recipes, will need to be of sufficient quantity to make several different recipe dishes from.

So send enough to allow for all persons to try your product, for photography (keeping in mind that you'll want to send items with "perfect" labeling etc for photos), and enough to allow for some percentage of "waste" or loss from shipping damage etc.

  • For a boxed mix — like brownies, please send 5 to 6 packages.

  • For a ready to eat item — like a single-serving frozen pizza, you'll need to send 10 items for the reviewers to taste, an additional 1 for photography, and 1 for "loss."

  • For an ingredient like sugar free chocolate chips, send 6 bags (4 for recipe testing, 1 for photography, and 1 for "loss.")
You might want to verify quantities with us for your specific product(s) before shipping, but a general rule of thumb is to remember our uses for it, and send enough for us to work with. email us if you have specific needs or questions.

When will my review appear?

Evaluations are usually done 7 to 10 days from the time we receive a scheduled shipment. However, it can take 2 to 3 weeks to complete a written review, photography, and publishing to the site. All of this assumes your product(s) make the spotlight.

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