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Product Spotlight: Hot and Cold Cereal

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04-01-04 - Product Recommendation & Review:
KETO Hot Cereals We're all about making things easier... so every time a product we've come to love and rely on makes a change towards extra convenience, we want to herald that!

We've been loving Keto's hot cereals for awhile now. They're a great warm treat in the morning and give us all a very welcome break from eggs and bacon. But Keto's made them even more convenient since they now come in single-serve envelopes, just like instant commercial oatmeal.

Each 11-oz box contains 8 single-serve packets, and they're only 5 grams of net carbs (after fiber.) And if you're counting calories too, they're only 160 calories to boot. Most importantly, they taste good... really good. If you were a fan of oatmeal, you'll love these.

Keto Old Fashioned Oatmeal The packets are currently offered in three varieties:
Old Fashioned Oatmeal, Blueberry and Creme (with sweet blueberry bits), and Banana Nut (with a rich banana taste and fresh chopped nuts.)

Mix them with boiling water, and add butter, cream, sweetener.. whatever you'd like. The Old Fashioned Oatmeal flavor is great with either fresh berries, or a drizzle of maple syrup or brown Sugar Twin.

Take 'em with you to work, school, or on trips. Keto understands convenience and we appreciate that! They're available directly from Keto Foods.

05-03-03 - Product Recommendation & Review: Keto Frosted Flakes
I wonder if Mrs. Tony Tiger would have found her husband, Tony, to be less of an animal without all the carbs and sugar in his diet? I mean, if he'd had Keto's version of
Frosted Flakes, he'd still have something Grrrr...reat!

Okay, all silliness aside, it's pretty cool to be able to sit down and enjoy that comfort food experience of a bowl of crispy sweet frosted flakes cereal without cheating on your low carb regime. Keto now makes these sweetly glazed treats in
Original, Honey Nut, and Apple Cinnamon flavors. I'm a purist, and I personally really loved the Original Flavor the best. It's good with cream, half-n-half, or a little almond milk. The majority of our group, however, chose Honey Nut as their favorite (it has sliced almonds in the mix), and with that one, it's not surprising that the best way to enjoy it is with a mix of cream and almond milk. But top these cereals with your favorite milk substitute (Keto milk, soy milk, even a mixture of half-n-half and lite coconut milk can be great on cereal.)

Each 3/4 cup serving of flakes are sweetened with only 4 grams of maltitol, so you're unlikely to experience any bad effects from the small amount of sugar alcohols. The flakes are made of soy protein isolate, wheat gluten, almond flour, corn bran, and corn meal, making them a nicely grain-balanced taste. They contain 2 grams of fiber, and 9 total grams of carbohydrate. So if you deduct maltitol from your counts (plus the fiber deduction), they come in at 3 effective grams of carb per bowl. If you don't deduct sugar alcohols, your total is 7 carbs per bowl. Either way, it's another great carb-bargain for such a satisfying treat.

Try 'em and see if you don't think they make you feel like a kid again... Oh, and those cut strawberries you always see on the package (of these and many commercial cereals), are actually quite delicious on the Original flakes!  They're available from The Low Carb Dieter's Page, from netrition, and from The Low Carb Connoisseur.

03-08-03 - Product Recommendation & Review: Keto Hot Cereal

In November of last year, we reviewed Keto's first three flavors of hot cereal. We loved 'em and still do... but now there's more to love! We finally got the chance to try their newest flavors,
Blueberry & Creme, and Banana Nut. And these are real winners!

The Blueberry & Creme allows you taste both the rich fruity taste of the blueberries AND the taste of a fresh cream (how do they do that?!)

It's terrific, but our favorite was the Banana Nut (which is now our favorite of all the flavors -- new and old.) The banana is even better when you add a little spice! I like nutmeg, but several others preferred cinnamon. Think about what your favorite spices are in a slice of fresh banana bread and you'll know what to try!

As with the other flavors, you're looking at about 3 carbs (plus cream, etc -- whatever you add.) Breakfast just keeps getting better and better! They're available from The Low Carb Connoisseur or from netrition.

11-05-02 - Product Recommendation & Review: Keto Hot Cereal
Ahhh, comfort foods. Usually the domain of high-carb fare, we still find we crave these foods that seem to feed our feelings as well as our bodies. Personally, I was a huge fan (no pun intended) of hot cereals like oatmeal and cream of wheat. Their warmth and creaminess sometimes made the world feel like a friendlier, easier place to be. It's the reason so many of us have come up with ways to imitate those foods with low carb versions.

This week, our group got the chance to try the newest entry into this genre.
Keto foods have introduced hot cereals that are creamy and inviting. Coming in three varieties, Old Fashioned Oatmeal, Apple Cinnamon, and Strawberry and Creme, these cereals are not only low carb, not only tasty, but also quite versatile.

Keto Hot Cereal First, let's talk about making these cereals. The package directions call for adding 2 scoops of cereal to 3 oz boiling water. And this makes pretty good cereal. But we found that there are far more options. Let's say we're making the Apple Cinnamon... my favorite (which contains real chpped apple.) Try making it with half water and half cream (heated, but not boiling.) Or try adding 1 tablespoon of ground pecans, almonds, or walnuts to the cereal. Add a tablespoon of sugarfree maple syrup. Or a dash of cloves. Add fresh butter or Crème Fraīche.

Whatever you do, the label suggests letting it stand for 7 to 8 minutes after preparation before eating. You do need to allow it to have a 'stand' period, but how long it stands before reaching desired thickness is dependent on what ingredients you add and how thick you like it. (If you add the ground nuts, cut this time in half.) And when the stand period is complete, zap it for about 15-20 seconds in the microwave to return it to a warm/hot state.

If you're making the basic Old Fashioned Oatmeal variety, you can flavor it any way you wish. Keep it plain, add some maple flavor and perhaps some brown Sugar Twin, or add some of the DaVinci Sugarfree syrups (the Cookie Dough flavor makes it taste like you're eating a bowl of crushed oatmeal cookies, and the Gingerbread makes it feel like holiday fare!) Feel free to heat the syrups and replace some of the water with them. Thinly sliced toasted almonds are so good on the Old Fashioned Oatmeal variety.

The Strawberry and Creme variety (which contains bits of real strawberries) is ideal for adding cream to, and is best when a little extra sweetener is used. It goes without saying that adding strawberries to it is also a big hit. And one of our reviewers went right to the fridge to grab some Keto strawberry jam to add to it. She was right... it was excellent that way.

In short, for about 3 carbs (plus whatever add-ins you use) a really terrific comfort food awaits you. Just the thing for these shivery cold mornings (or evenings before bed.) They're available from The Low Carb Connoisseur.

08-19-02 - Product Recommendation & Review: Low Carb Success Granola Cereal
One of the things you'll see recommended on many of the "low fat" sites is granola, either as bars, or as cereal and snacks. But "their" granola is usually composed of honey, dates, raisins, hydrogenated oil, high fructose corn syrup, barley, brown rice syrup, brown sugar... (actual ingredients on a brand package at our local health food store, boasting "low fat".)

For the most part, granola is "out" for low carbers. But it doesn't have to be, and as a former true-lover of granola, I'm pretty happy about that! This week, we got to sample the new
Cinnamon Nutrageous Granola Cereal from Low Carb Success.

Oh my goodness...  We all just love this stuff!   It's so good, (though it can be really addictive, so please pre-measure your serving and put that bag away!)

A 1/2-cup serving is 1 gram of carbohydrate after deduction of fiber and polyols (maltitol.) (I'm counting each serving as 4 grams of carbs because I allow extra for maltitol.) Still, a wonderful cereal or snack for an extremely low carb count!

They're made with pecans, almonds, wheat bran, flax seed, oats, and more. No preservatives, no hydrogenated oils, and no sugar. Sweetened with Splenda and maltitol. So it's a great source of those healthy essential fats, and gives you a great deal of fiber! All in something this delicious.

You have to get this! It comes in resealable foil-pak bags (9-oz ea.)   You can order it online from The Low Carb Connoisseur.

09-15-01 - Product Recommendation & Review:
Flax-O-Meal Cereals I'm one of those people, that because I so loved traditional cereals before low-carbing, always gets excited when I hear there's a new cereal that fits into our way of eating. I first got word that a new line of hot cereals was going to be debuting several weeks ago. I hoped they'd be great. But like all new offerings, we waited to see. Obviously, since they've made our 'spotlight', we were not disappointed. They were, in fact, quite worth the wait.

Flax-O-Meal Cereals Dubbed
Flax-O-Meal, these hot mix-n-eat cereals from LowCarb Success are filling, flavorful, easy to make, and exceptionally good for you -- on top of being really low-carb of course! They come in hefty 14-oz foil bags (each makes 10 servings) and are available in four varieties: Butter Pecan, Vanilla Almond, Cinnamon & Spice, and Chocolate!

Flax-O-Meal Cereals
Made with the goodness of ground nuts, wheat bran, flax seed meal, and other wholesome ingredients, they come in at 2 carbs per serving after fiber reduction and are unsweetened, so you can add your own personal favorite. The instructions say all you add is water -- and indeed it comes out fine this way, but we tried adding a Tablespoon of cream as well for a really rich result. Once made, you can sweeten and eat as-is, add butter and half-n-half, butter and cream, or whatever your favorite milk substitute is.

Our favorite as a group was the Vanilla Almond, then the Cinnamon & Spice and the Butter Pecan and Chocolate varieties were tied, but pick your favorite -- you aren't likely to be disappointed.

Lastly, yes, it's true, you can bake with these mixes too. Here's what we tried... We took the recipe for Downeast Maine Pumpkin Bread and substituted 1/2 cup of the Cinnamon & Spice Flax-O-Meal Cereal for 1/2 cup of the whey protein powder and it was delish! So we kept cookin .... In the Gabi's Bread recipe we used Vanilla Almond Flax-O-Meal Cereal in place of the 1/4 cup flax seed meal, and 1/4 cup wheat bran. It added a new dimension to the bread and came out great. Lastly, to the Almond Cookies recipe, we subbed 1/2 cup of the Butter Pecan Flax-O-Meal Cereal for 1/2 cup of the Almond Flour and upped the Splenda by an extra 1/4 cup. Yum! Use your imagination.

You should be able to find these at stores like Whole Foods soon, and online from The Low Carb Dieter's Page and from The Low Carb Connoisseur.

09-04-01 - Product Recommendation & Review:
Keto Brand Cocoa Crisp Were you a fan of Kellogg's Cocoa Krispies®? We were... Of course since the original is filled with sugar, hydrogenated oils, and high fructose corn syrup as well as being packed with carbs, it's not exactly an option for a healthy diet anymore, now is it?

Once again, Keto comes to the rescue with their new
Cocoa Crisp cereal! It's super crispy, VERY chocolatey, and hits the spot so well you'll fear you're cheating... but you're not! At 3 grams of carbohydrate per generous serving, you can enjoy being a cereal-loving "kid" again. Depending on your personal tastes and carb tolerances, you can have it with either half-n-half, a cream/water mix, Keto Milk, or Almond Milk. We personally have a new favorite here now -- we mix 2 Tablespoons Keto Milk mix, 5 oz cold water, 8 oz plain almond milk, and 1/2 cup heavy cream (plus a squirt of liquid sweetener or a packet of Splenda.) I keep this mixed in the fridge at all times for an excellent "milk" mix that's low-carb, low-dairy, and just delish. It goes GREAT with the new Keto Cocoa Crisp cereal! Several of our "regulars" already swear they are "hooked" on this cereal.

Like sugarfree/low-carb ice cream? Next time you make up a batch of vanilla, sprinkle some Keto Cocoa Crisp cereal over the top before serving. Yummy...

Keto Cocoa Crisp cereal is available from Low Carb Connoisseur, The Low Carb Dieter's Page, and Life Services.

10-14-00 - Product Recommendation & Review:
Keto Crisp Cereal & Keto Milk
You might just utter an "I can't believe this!" the first time you open, then pour, then taste, the new Keto Crisp Cereal. If you've gotten the impression they're supposed to be like Rice Krispies, you'll be shocked to discover just how right you are. Unlike the "real" Krispies that pack an insulin shattering load of carbohydrates, these new crispy soy morsels offer up a mere 2 carbs per 1/2 cup serving. But like "the real thing", they are super crispy and will indeed live up to your cold cereal expectations. But, do they taste like soy? Nope. I'll bet you could pour a bowl of these for any child without letting them see the box, and they'd assume they were the usual high-carb fare. I think our panel was more impressed with these than we've been with any product in a long while. If you've been craving your snap, your crackle, and well, you know the rest... buy this cereal. The folks at Keto Brand have really outdone themselves this time.

(And as an added bonus, you can re-live the days when you sat at the breakfast table mindlessly reading the cereal box as you eat. [grin] Yes, as you can see, it's in a traditional cereal box with inner sealed liner... We had to giggle when we realized a few of us were sitting there clutching and reading the box as we ate!)

Keto Milk So... what's cereal without milk? Up until now, most of us have been satisfying our milk needs with a cream/water or half-n-half mixture. In some places unsweetened soy milk or coconut milk will do -- but certainly not for over cereal where you really taste the milk! The answer is
Keto Milk! It's in powdered form, but makes up easily in a blender or a shaker. I've wished for a low-carb powdered milk for some time now as all "non-fat dry milks" in the grocery are loaded with carbs. The fact that this comes in a powder form and mixes in just a minute means this is great for portability too. Several of the panel members intend to start taking the cereal and milk to keep in their offices at work. With a shaker cup, some plastic bowls and spoons, and a little Splenda to shake over the top, you can have a bowl of cereal any time of day. By the way, want to see a close-up of the cereal itself?  We thought you would.  Here's a shot of it with milk and here's a shot without milk.   Look good?

Keto Crisp Cereal & Keto Milk We made up the milk according to package instructions -- 1 scoop (the scoop is included) for each 8 oz of cold water (the colder the better!). It's really the perfect taste and consistency to match skim milk for your cereal in these proportions. For drinking, we had mixed reactions. About half of us liked it the way it was, and the other half prefered it with 1 Tbsp half-n-half added to give it a little extra creaminess and dairy trueness. You'll have to decide how you like it best, but at 1 gram per cup, you can add a little something if you like. We did try this milk as Chocolate Milk (we used a packet of Swiss Miss Splenda-sweetened Diet Hot Cocoa Mix), as Vanilla Milk (a little vanilla extract and Splenda), and as Strawberry Milk (blended a couple of real strawberries with Splenda.) I'm telling you, we loved them all! Get your imaginations in gear, people. Use it anywhere you used to use milk and the powder anywhere you used to use powdered milk.

Keto Brand products are available from Low Carb Connoisseur, The Low Carb Dieter's Page, and Life Services.

03-25-00 - Product Recommendation & Review:
One of the more interesting products to enter the scene for we cereal-challenged individuals is Nutlettes! They are very crunchy little soy based morsels that keep their Nutlettes Cereal crunch through to finish and don't get soggy in "milk". (Well, for most of us, that's the half-n-half we splash on, or a bit of diluted cream.) They are dense, so a 1/2 cup serving is extremely filling. (You know - one of those cereals that seems to "grow" as you eat it?) It comes in at 15 carbs per serving, but 9 of those are fiber, so we're left with 6 usable carbs for a very satisfying treat indeed. I actually like these better than Grape Nuts. They're a product of Dixie Diner and are available from The Low Carb Connoisseur.

02-11-00 - Product Recommendation & Review:
Been missing cereal?
Before I began the low-carb way of life, one of my favorite things was cereal. I loved it hot; I loved it cold. And while most of the things that I used to eat have been easy Cereals to replace or delete, cereal was the exception. I continued to miss it. Now - I have some great substitutes that are simply wonderful.

First - for
Hot Cereals, here's what I do. Open a package of Expert Foods'  "not/Cereal" and prepare according to directions. This amazing product -- made entirely from vegetable gums and egg whites -- is a great source of fiber, very smooth and resembles cream of rice. When it's nearly ready, add 1-2 Tbsp Gerber Dry Barley cereal for babies - yes, for babies! An entire 1/4 cup is only 10 grams carbs (after fiber), so working in 1-2 Tbsp is a breeze. It really makes the entire LARGE bowl of cereal taste like traditional hot cereal! I add a bit of Splenda or Brown Sugar Twin and a splash of very cold cream or half and half. Viola! A very low-carb bowl of creamy satisfying hot cereal. Terrific for comfort food! The not/Cereal can be purchased online at The Low Carb Connoisseur.

What about
 Cold Cereal?   I've discovered a fabulous cold cereal for only 4 grams per bowl! And Protein Crunch Cereal it's delicious. The folks at Nutritional Assistance, Inc. have created Protein Crunch Cereal that can best be described as a cinnamon flavored Grape Nuts-type cereal. It comes in individual pre-measured 1/3 cup servings (the 4 grams of carbs per serving size), and it Protein Crunch Cereal now also comes in a larger 10-serving size package. It's also great as a sweet, cinnamon-y sprinkle of crunch to use over your low-carb ice cream, puddings, custards, etc. But I think it can't be beat as a cereal. I empty it into a bowl and add half and half and a smattering of very cold water. I also sprinkle a bit more Splenda because I've always liked my cereal sweet. With your half-n-half, this usually adds up to 5-6 carbs per serving.   And boy, is it worth it!  For variety add strawberries, raspberries or blueberries to your cereal. For a low carbohydrate, high protein pie crust blend Protein Crunch slightly in blender and use in place of graham crackers in graham cracker/pie crust recipe (do not add sweetener). Protein Crunch Cereal can be ordered online from The Low Carb Connoisseur.

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