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Press Release 02/09/04

Georgia Catering Company Offers New Low Carb Drinkable Desserts for Chocolate Lovers

Alpharetta, Ga.—A specialty catering company in Alpharetta, Ga., says, “Pity the poor carb counters no more.” Coinciding with the annual Valentine’s Day chocolate overload, Mocha My Day Mobile Espresso is launching a new drink menu that will allow carb counters to once again imbibe in the pleasures of chocolate. Quite literally, they want you to drink it.

“For more than five years now, we have specialized in creating ‘drinkable desserts’ for parties and special events. Guests at our parties get to choose from a large selection of chocolate mochas, flavored lattes, hot chocolate and more. Many of these drinks are topped with whipped cream, chocolate shavings and even a cookie straw. People love them, but they are really not on the ‘OK’ list for any weight loss program,” explains Todd Reddeman, owner and operator of the gourmet catering service that proudly “brings the coffeehouse to you.”

“While there are several sugar free and carb free chocolate bars, there hasn’t been a sugar free chocolate sauce that met our high standards for flavor. Having a good chocolate sauce is one of the essential ingredients that make our drinks taste so good. And, until the last year or so, there hasn’t been anything on the market that could closely compare with what we use on a daily basis.” Mr. Reddeman added.

“However, we found a chocolate sauce made by Da Vinci Gourmet that is sugar free and carb free. It tastes great and only has about 18 calories per ounce, as opposed to the 90 calories per ounce in our regular chocolate sauce. We didn’t need to hire a professional nutritionist to know that our regular drinks contain a ton of carbs and calories, so reducing them to about 7 -12 total carbs, with zero net carbs, is a big plus for us and for those who are on diets like the Atkins program. With our service, they can now have their chocolate and drink it, too.”

Mocha My Day Mobile Espresso’s new “low carb” menu offers delicious drinks like the “Almond Roca Mocha” — a buttercrunch and chocolate drink that is completely sugar free; “Irish Mint Mocha” — described by their menu as “light as a leprechaun,” and “Hazelnut Supreme” — chocolate and hazelnut swirled together. Nutritional charts for each type of drink are available at

Mocha My Day Mobile Espresso brings the warmth of a real coffeehouse to weddings, corporate training events, holiday parties, teacher or employee appreciations, grand openings, bunko parties or any other special event, at your home, office or clubhouse, or wherever you spend special time with family and friends. With or without the low carb menu, Mocha My Day is the best kept catering secret—and the easiest way to make your next special event the most talked about party.

Entrepreneur Reddeman started Mocha My Day Mobile Espresso in 1997, and has been catering in the Atlanta area ever since. “There are a lot of people who have still never tried a mocha or a latte,” he said. “I get the chance to help them experience what a great espresso-based drink should really taste like every time I do a party.” Reddeman has been a member of the Specialty Coffee Association of America since 1995, and is also currently a member of the Buckhead Business Association. He has worked in a coffeehouse, sold coffee for a local roasting company and given classes on how to use your home espresso machine.

Todd Reddeman
Mocha My Day Mobile Espresso