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Low Carb Luxury Teams up With Carbwire to Bring the Low Carb Community the Sharpest Focus Available.

DAYTON, OH (PRWEB) June 14, 2004 — Where is the future of low carb? What new products are hitting the shelves? Are they hits or misses? These are questions with answers that can change daily as the world is swept up in low-carb-mania. Followers of a low carb plan need trusted sources, and they need their information served up quickly, and at no charge to them. The partnership of Low Carb Luxury and Carbwire allows visitors to both sites all that they need.

CEO Lora Ruffner, who lost over 150 pounds on her low carb plan, founded Low Carb Luxury in 1999. Her weight loss success and the story of how she did it proved to be an inspiration to others. Since that time, Low Carb Luxury has grown to offer a large full-featured online monthly magazine, regular product reviews, thousands of low carb recipes, and an impressive list of writers. Neil Beaty, the other half of the Low Carb Luxury team, joined in 2002 as photographer and Creative Director for the magazine. He became a full partner, and President in February of 2004.

"Our visitors deserve the latest up-to-the-minute news, and our collaboration with Carbwire will give them that," says Ruffner. "We are delighted to work with the Carbwire team!"

Carbwire was founded in 2004 by Larry Angell and Jon Gales, and bills itself as "an online review of everything low-carb." They cover industry news, product releases, and health news, as well as the latest buzz in the entertainment field, recipe reprints, restaurant news, and more. "Our strength is news, and breaking it first," stated Co-Founder Larry Angell.

"If you're involved in the low carb world, either as a consumer, or from an industry perspective, this partnership means more and better information at your fingertips. Together, we stand poised to help define the way the media, the government, and the general public see low carb and to keep reporting accurate," said Low Carb Luxury’s Neil Beaty.

Low Carb Luxury understands the trust issue. Earlier this year, they formed a Panel of Experts that include such heavy hitters in the low carb world as Dr. Michael Eades (of Protein Power fame); Joy Pape, a well known expert in the diabetes field; Mark Uhrmacher, a graduate of MIT and VP of Sales & Marketing for Expert Foods; Dr. Fred Pescatore who penned The Hamptons Diet, and many more. The Low Carb Luxury team attends and reports on conferences and summits to fine-tune their direction and stay on top of the latest developments.

Low Carb Luxury is a consumer-focused website that currently serves over 1.7 million user sessions per day. Their popular online magazine boasts over 89,000 subscribers and continues to grow. Low Carb Luxury's most popular feature remains their Product Spotlight, where a team of reviewers rate low carb products to help readers make smarter buying decisions. On behalf of the audience they represent, they are an active voice in consumer affairs.

CarbWire has grown quickly, thanks to a reputation for up-to-the-minute news on everything low-carb. Stories often break first on CarbWire, due in part to a staff dedicated to news. One of the most popular sections deals exclusively with restaurants that are bringing out low-carb fare – a very hot topic lately. CarbWire also offers a free daily or weekly newsletter that keeps subscribers informed about everything CarbWire publishes.

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