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Zumbro River Brand, Inc introduces Getmor® Soy Snacks

1-30-04 - Millions of Americans, who are successfully losing weight and keeping it off with LOW CARB diets, continue to crave crunchy snacks. Gone are the chips, crackers and cookies -- rich in forbidden carbohydrates. Satisfying this LOW CARB snack demand, Zumbro River Brand, Inc introduces Getmor® Soy Snacks, available in three flavors -- Herb Garlic, Jalapeno Cheese, and Tamari Sauce (a special soy sauce flavor.) Low glycemic index Getmor® snacks have only 3 grams of net carbs/ one ounce serving. A similar serving of conventional snacks contains 400% more carbs (15 grams net.)

LOW CARB is only one part of the story however, LOW CALORIE is the second chapter. Getmor® Snacks are high in soy protein (13 g / serving) and fiber (4 g / serving) and have less than 121 calories / serving. Because Getmor® Snacks have low carb content combined with significant protein and fiber amounts, you can enjoy this snack, and forget about hunger for hours.

It may be hard to find crunchy LOW CARB snacks, but just try to find GLUTEN FREE products in this category. Getmor® Snacks answer this request. All of the flavors are GLUTEN FREE. In addition, Getmor® Snacks contain significant potassium (440 mg / serving), no cholesterol or trans fatty acids and are low in fat (4 g / serving.)

Getmor® Snacks are available in leading healthy food stores, grocery stores, and fitness centers and from and For additional information, call Zumbro River Brand, Inc. 507-446-9097