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Comfort Food Extraordinare!

Welcome to Low Carb Luxury Magazine's first Special Interest Edition: Pasta!

Over the last few years, breakthroughs in food technology have allowed the dieter restricting carbohydrates to enjoy that most basic staple of comfort foods — Pasta — without enduring a cardboard taste or gummy "fake" feel. And as spaghetti, linguine, macaroni, lasagna, and other pasta favorites have emerged with low carb/low glycemic profiles, we've seen more and more requests for pasta dish recipes.

So here you are — a special treat for all our loyal Low Carb Luxury subscribers and visitors. These are our favorites of those sent to us and those we developed. Our pastas of choice for these recipes are Dreamfields, and Nutrition Kitchen Soybean Pasta.

Many of the ingredients can be purchased from the NEW Low Carb Luxury Shopping site. We hope you'll visit! We carry only the best products that Low Carb Luxury feels good about recommending.

Over the coming months, expect other Special Interest Editions to arrive mid-month. Remember, we're open to your suggestions! Just email us!

Happy Cooking!
Lora and Neil

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