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Muffins and Snack Breads

Welcome to Low Carb Luxury Magazine's Special Interest Edition: Muffins and Snack Breads!

When I first started low-carbing (more than 6 years ago!) I was saddened about losing muffins. I loved 'em. They were so portable — I could always grab one on my way out of the house in the morning. And when I had more time, I'd have one warmed in the microwave with rich, gooey butter.

But I needn't have worried — muffins can be made quite deliciously in low-carb fashion. And there's no end to how versatile they can be! The same is true for snack breads... another comfort-food favorite.

Over the years at Low Carb Luxury, we've been collecting muffin and bread recipes... many of which have been sent to us. So here are some of our real favorites! Many of the ingredients can be purchased from the NEW Low Carb Luxury Shopping site. We hope you'll visit! We carry only the best products that Low Carb Luxury feels good about recommending.

Happy Baking!
Lora and Neil

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