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So what's the difference between Bread Machine Flour,
High Gluten Flour & Vital Wheat Gluten Flour?

First, the Definition of Gluten:
Gluten is a protein found in Rye, Wheat, Oats, Barley & Triticale. ("Gliadin" is part of the gluten structure. Gliadin is present in varying amounts in these grains. The combination of gliadin and glutenen makes gluten.) This protein gives structure, elasticity and sponginess.

Bob's Red Mill Vital Wheat Gluten 
Flour Vital Wheat Gluten Flour:
Also called "gluten flour", "instant gluten flour", "pure gluten flour", and "vital wheat gluten" depending on vendor and manufacturer. This is flour with the starch and bran removed. Gluten is the natural protein in the wheat endosperm which, when combined with water, forms a taffy-like dough. This retains the gas and steam from baking.

Bob's Red Mill vital wheat gluten flour — and any other brand of vital wheat gluten flour (such as Hodgson Mill) that carries the same Nutrition Facts as those at right — is
75 to 80% protein.

Nutrition Facts This yields
approximately 24 grams of carbohydrate per cup. The process of keeping mostly the protein constituents of the wheat and very little of the starch makes this product a useful aid in low-carbohydrate baking and cooking (a necessary component of the wonderful Gabi's Bread Recipe here at the site.)

The protein binds moisture meaning your bread and baked goods will usually be more moist and "fresh" than traditional baking yields as well. This should never be confused with other gluten flours as mentioned below which can have significantly more carbohydrate.

Please check your labels! Vital Wheat Gluten Flour is usually available in the health food section or baking section of your grocery, or at some health food stores. If you're unable to locate it, you can order directly from the manufacturer at Bob's Red Mill. (Do a search for "gluten.")

High Gluten Flour High Gluten Flour and Bread Machine Flour:

While vital wheat gluten flour contains 75% or greater protein, the flours labeled Bread Machine Flour and High Gluten Flour have between 12 and 14% protein. Usually milled from hard red spring wheat, the carb count ranges from 54 grams per cup for High Gluten Flour to 66 grams per cup for most Bread Machine Flours. King Arthur Bread Machine Flour For small uses, this can still be of value since all-purpose "white" flour (bleached or non-bleached; enriched or not enriched) contains a whopping 92-97 grams per cup!

Recipes at this site that call for "gluten flour" in baking applications are referring to vital wheat gluten flour with 24 carbs per cup. Vital wheat gluten can also be an essential ingredient when baking with soy flour or soya powder, as soy contains no gluten element to allow baking doughs to raise or hold their shape.

All gluten products (as well as soy flours) should be stored refrigerated or frozen as they are natural products (no preservatives and a full-fat profile) and can therefore become rancid.

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