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Featured Articles             

Low carbing often means many rules, definitions, and decisions that are new to us. We're learning to use products we've never been familiar with before, getting past advertising hype, and rethinking old ways... Knowledge is power!  It keeps us going and lead us to success! Have an idea for a featured article? As always, let me know!

A Tribute to Dr. Robert C. Atkins On April 17, 2003, Dr. Robert C. Atkins, one of the pioneers of complementary medicine in the United States and one of the most famous, successful and enduring nutrition experts of the last 40 years, died in New York City at the age of 72. Read Our Tribute here.

Low Carb and Pregnancy The questions about Low Carb and Pregnancy are not as difficult as they might at first seem. Much of it is common sense. Check out our article that first appeared in our newsletter as response to many questions about Low Carb and Pregnancy.

The Yogurt Exception If you thought the label's carb counts on yogurt and other fermented milk products meant you could no longer have them, think again. Check out this feature article to read about the yogurt exception and why it should be a part of your healthy low-carb eating plan.

One Golden Shot If you've tried low carb before and found that you're just not getting the same results (total weight loss or speed of weight loss), then it might be that you've lost your "Golden Shot." Read more about how and why this happens here.

Water: Why and How Much? Drinking water is not just to make your mouth feel less dry. If you wait until you're thirsty, your body is already dehydrated! Water is what causes your body to function efficiently. Check out our feature article to read more about water and why you need plenty!

Not Quite Potatoes Just because we can't have starchy potatoes, doesn't mean we can't have many of the potato-themed dishes we've come to love. Here's a list of veggies than take on a great acting role to help you with creative meal planning!

Enemy Unseen In the commerce of America, you'll find that Sugar often hides behind a friendly and playful face...

Here is Stuart's acerbic article about the marketing of carbs in America.

Label Reading Just because a label's Nutrition Panel says the carbs are low, that doesn't mean you can believe it. Be your own detective. And start by reading this.

Test Strip chart Looking for Purple?  Here's a primer on Ketone Test Strips...
Your questions about Ketosis and Ketostix answered in our article here.

Butter Butter or Margarine?   Which and why?

The issue of trans fatty acids (trans fats / hydrogenated oils) in products like shortening and margarine is a concern that every low carber should share. Dr. Atkins says, "margarine is a health hazard", and we couldn't agree more. Read our article, Sorting Out The Facts to learn more.

Soy Soy Flour or Soya Powder?

We get asked this question a lot, so we decided to create a short page to offer up the differences and a few facts. Click Here to read more.

Milkshakes Do you just love the idea of creamy, cold milkshakes, but just aren't happy with the Low Carb Protein shakes?

Learn how to make them super-convenient, and taste great! Check out Doin' the Shake thing and learn to make shakes a delicious part of your low-carb routine.

Gluten High Gluten Flour or Vital Wheat Gluten?

Another common confusion — especially in recipes. Here's some additional info to help you sort it out. Click Here to read more.

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