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Enemy Unseen                            
The following article first appeared in our Newsletter (Issue #1) and it generated more mail than any other article we've ever done. It was written by my son, Stuart Ruffner and we are reprinting it here in our Featured Articles area.

What You Don't See. . .

William Shakespeare wrote that "There are more things in Heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy." One of those things is betrayal. We in this society are all victims of a conspiracy on a global scale. Each one of us, are as Julius Caesar, betrayed by those we have trusted for the entirety of our lives.

The sugar industry was the originator of the slave trade. Long before cotton was grown on the soil of the United States, sugar cane was planted, harvested, and processed by slaves to feed an ever-growing global addiction.

Unless you intentionally make a concerted effort to avoid sugar in your diet, it is in nearly everything you purchase to eat. Its addictive properties cause you to crave more and more. The need for sugar-laden foods mimic the cravings of any drug addiction.

I've heard it mentioned by food service workers that if they need to boost sales of their product, they simply boost the sugar content. Remind anyone of the cigarette companies with nicotine?

And how does this marketing work? They hide it behind the cute face of the Nestlé Quik Bunny, the sweet and pudgy doughboy, or the trusted "healthy" face of a Quaker. The sugar-pushers will gladly bargain yours and your child's health away for a few extra (billion) dollars.

The effects of sugar on the body are well documented. The fact that it is in reality an antinutrient are best explained by Dr. Atkins himself:

"The quintessential antinutrient is sugar. It is 100 percent carbohydrate, and therefore contains no vitamins or minerals. Nevertheless, it needs to be metabolized instantly. The stores of all the many nutrients involved in processing its constituent sugars, glucose and fructose, into ready energy are depleted in this process. As a result, these nutrients must be supplied from other dietary sources... To cite just one example, the critical glucose-metabolizing mineral chromium is severely depleted by consuming sugar."

The health-robbing properties of a sugar eating society are in plain view with results ranging from deadly serious (heart attack, stroke, diabetes) to discomfortable and problematic (heartburn, acid reflux, tooth decay...)

Enter the pharmaceutical companies:

As of this writing, Prilosec (an antiulcerant prescribed for chronic heartburn and acid reflux) is now the Number One prescription drug in the United States as well as other parts of the world; gaining in use every year. As of February of 2000, its sales had increased 24% over the previous year for a $5.91 billion sales record.

When you eliminate sugar (in all forms) from your diet, and reduce your carbohydrate intake, heartburn and acid reflux nearly always vanish within days. Many diabetics see a complete reversal of their symptoms while on a low-carb, no sugar diet. Ask yourself "how much does a drug company make from the sales from just one of their diabetes medications (such as glucatrol) in each year? How much do they make selling Phentermine and Meridia for fighting (unsuccessfully) obesity?"

Add to it all the profits on the drugs to fight the effects of obesity, (from heart medication to blood pressure pills) and you begin to see one indisputable fact: There's a lot of money to be made in keeping us fat, keeping us addicted, keeping us sick...

As long as sugar is in our diets, those drugs (and others like them) will reside in our medicine cabinets.

At least Julius Caesar knew in his last moments that he had been betrayed by conspiracy betrayed by those whom he trusted most. People who die of sugar-related (and even seemingly unrelated) diseases never know who and what killed them. They never get to gaze into the eyes of a Rice Krispy elf and query, "et tu, Crackle?"


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