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Livin' Large and Losing Weight: Stella Style

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Available Elsewhere on the Web or By Mail:
(Many by some of our fellow low-carbers!)

Everyday Low Carb Cookery
by Alex Haas
E-Mail for Ordering Info
Also see entry in Amazon choices above for Alex's new hardcover cookbook.

Cooking Low Carb
by Brenda Laughlin and Kelly Nason
This is an excellent cookbook. I probably use it more
than any of my other LowCarb Cooking Resources.
Visit their site for Ordering Info

Easy Living Low Carbohydrate Cooking
by Theresa Sloan and Tracy Westbrook
To Order, contact S and W Enterprises
P.O. Box 236
Carterville, IL 62918

Baking Low Carb
by Diana Lee
The first Low-Carb Book dedicated just to tasty sugar-free deserts, cookies, candies and breads.
For ordering info, visit Diana's site.

The Skinny on Low Carb Cooking
by Brett Railey
The author is a policeman and a low-carb dieter. He's been gathering the best of the recipes from the web and organizing them and testing their carb counts. The published result is here. And it's huge!
For ordering info, visit Low Carb Dieters.

The Nurses' Tasty Low Carb Recipes
by Chari Gentile, RN
Chari and a collaboration of three medical professionals from "New Concepts" have put together a cookbook of their favorite low-carb recipes starting with soups and ending with... well... miscellaneous (you thought I was going to say "desserts", didn't you?)
To Order, contact LCL Enterprises
2801 Youngfield #300
Golden, CO 80401

Splendid Desserts and
More Splendid Desserts
by Jennifer Eloff
Visit their site for Ordering Info
These are not low-carb, as they utilize flour etc for baking, but because they teach the basics of baking with Splenda as a replacement for sugar, most recipes can be adjusted to be low carb by substituting Atkins Bake Mix, Soy Flour, ProFormix, and/or Oat or Almond Flour for white wheat flour. They are working on a version of Splenda Cookbook that will be low carb.

Out of Print or Out of Stock:
(But exceptional sources worth looking for!)
HINT: I have found a number of these books at
Barnes and Noble online's Out Of Print area!

The Epicure's Very Low Carbohydrate Cookbook
by Marilyn Van Syckel
ISBN: 0064634167

Complete Low Carbohydrate Diet Cook Book
by E. Lee Kline, Irma Hyams and Carmel Chong

Martinis and Whipped Cream
by Sidney Petrie and Robert B. Stone
ISBN: 006615398

Low Carbohydrate Diet Cook Book
by Roy Ald

The Low-Carbohydrate Gourmet: A Cookbook for Hungry Dieters
by Harriet Brownlee
I HIGHLY recommend this book. It's filled with some of the most creative LC recipes I've ever seen. So far, I've never made a recipe from this book that didn't come out great! And the author is smart and funny. Try to locate a copy of this one!
ISBN: 0688028748

Low Carbohydrate Cookbook
by Joanne Waring Lindeman
ISBN: 0911954309   (This is part of the "Nitty Gritty Cookbook Series") A little hard to follow because of the odd format of the book (wide and skinny), plus it uses blue ink on blue paper, but the small book offers some really unique recipes!

Faygo Award Winning Diet Recipes
Contributor Recipes
ISBN: None   Published by Faygo Beverages of Detroit, Michigan in the mid-1960's, this little mini-cookbook shows off some amazing creativity. All the recipes are sugar free and use the then-sacharin-based Faygo pop in everything from cream puffs to Hawaiian Ribs in Root Beer sauce. The sweet and sour cabbage with diet RedPop is certainly unique. And we love the Diet Chicken Aloha. With the advent of sodas using aspartame that cannot be heated, cooking with diet soda went by the wayside. But these old recipes are grand again when using the Diet Slim Jones or the Flavors of Diet Rite (all Splenda-based and great to cook with!) If you can locate this little gem, pick it up!

Low Carbohydrate Cookery
by Dolly and Jack Schumann
ISBN: 6613530   Originally published in Japan in 1966, this diet/cookbook bills itself as "The dieter's guide to living as if every day is Sunday". The first half of the book explains low-carbing and lays out tons of sample menu plans. The second half is recipes with a mini carb gram counter at the end of the book. Interesting look at the world's initial look at low-carbing in a formal way.

Sue Farrell's Lo-Carbo Cookbook
by Sue Farrell
ISBN: None.   In 1973 diet guru Sue Farrell put together this handy little volume containing 250+ recipes and 30 complete daily menus. The anecdotal tales at the beginning of each food group chapter are priceless, as are the graphics of many apron-adorned women (complete with pearls and heels) serving men in suits their evening meals! The recipes really are scrumptious, though.

Dr. Carlton Fredericks' Low Carbohydrate Diet
by Carlton Fredericks
ISBN: 0441497721   Published in 1965, this is a ground-breaking work.

The Drinking Man's Diet
by Gardner Jameson and Elliott Williams
ISBN: UNKNOWN   Published in 1964, this is one of the first publications of what's now known as the Low-Carb Diet. Includes a lengthy gram counter and sample menus.

The Drinking Man's Diet Cookbook
by Robert W. Cameron
ISBN: UNKNOWN   Published in 1967 as a companion piece to the above book (The Drinking Man's Diet). When CBS News' Walter Cronkite did an 8-minute piece on the diet on the evening news, the low-carb craze began to sweep the nation, but there was no cookbook reference - thus the birth of this book.

Calories Don't Count
by Herman Taller, M.D.
ISBN: UNKNOWN   Published in 1961 by Simon and Schuster, Doctor Taller's book was the Number 1 Best Seller in the Nonfiction category for 1962. It promotes eating meat, and strictly limiting carbohydrates. (Kind of just where we are now!) It's still a book filled with great recipes and ideas. Want a chuckle? The Calorie Council still calls this book "one of the worst fad diets ever promoted". (See their comments here - Question #9.)

Let's Eat Right to Keep Fit
by Adelle Davis
ISBN: 0451155505   Published in 1954, Adelle Davis, a nutritionist, understood the problems with a low fat, high carbohydrate diet before America got fat on it! Although this book was written in the fifties, it is still right on today. Moreso than most, she believes in eating enough PROTEIN, and cutting back on Sugars and Starches -- Full of recipes; it's a classic!

The Low Carbohydrate Diet
by Evelyn L. Fiore
ISBN: 0399509437   Contains an overview of what was then called "The Air Force Diet" plus recipes.

New Low Carbohydrate Diet
by William Kaufman
ISBN: 0515093963

Low-Carbohydrate Diet Menus and Recipes
by Culinary Arts Staff
ISBN: UNKNOWN   (Large oversize cookbook with illustrations,
photos, instructions and guidelines.)

Low Carbohydrate DIET Cookbook
by Merit Publications
ISBN: 0895962098   Carbohydrate counts of more than 2500 foods
alphabetically arranged plus 96 pages of recipes!

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